Who Should Use Snapshotz

Snapshotz can be used by managers of contact or call centres, service centres, business centres, team leaders, quality control, marketing and product managers, business process improvement managers, marketing management, senior management, governing bodies, HR managers, management consultants, entrepreneurs, recruitment consultants and students.

Customer service / contact centres, help desks, support, administration, business unit managers, management & contact centre consultants
This checklist is purposely developed to give the manager a snapshot of the centre at a particular period in time. The snapshot will enable managers to capture / assess existing practises, identify gaps, high productivity areas etc and take action. The same checklist could be used to get a fresh snap shot and compare against the last review. The audit can be conducted annually, half yearly or even quarterly.

The checklist is flexible in that not all sections need to be assessed and can be used by assessors to review particular areas of interest for example, operational measures.

The checklist aims to be a tool for “new” contact centre managers / team leaders and managers / leaders who need an overall view of the centre as they take on a new position either within an organisation or in a new organisation.

Another potential application is the presentation of a completed checklist as a “hand over” document for the new recruit. If the process has been carried out regularly over time, the resulting document is a useful tool for a new recruit.

General Management, Marketing, Governing Bodies
The checklist is a tool for senior management to ensure that the contact centre is productive, compliant with SHE, industry regulations and is being comprehensively monitored. Social responsibility issues are also covered.

The assessment process enables management to review practices that are currently operative and assess  if the centre operates within a ‘best practise’ environment or is on the path towards a best practise environment. The checklist can be applied to outsourced service/contact centres as well.

Entrepreneurs, Businesses that wish to set up a service / contact centres
The checklist can serve as a tool for identifying the needs of a contact centre and assist in scoping out costs in set up and other variable costs over time

Recruitment Consultants, Internal Recruiters
The checklist can serve as a tool for recruiters when looking for metrics that are required for the assessment of potential candidates.

Students doing marketing and customer service / contact centre studies
The checklist and notes can serve as a guide to understand the scope of a call centre, its workings and practises.


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