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2011 TRENDS to Watch:

  • As we get set well into the saddle of 2011 we would like to share trends emerging from Snapshotz customer engagements in 2010 and continue to share these with you as the year 2011 goes by.

  • The cost reduction focus has lifted from ‘slash’ to spend on what is necessary to increase or maintain competitive edge.

  • Whilst freezes on recruitment remain in the public sector there is critical need to deliver service by raising productivity. Low cost offerings with holistic approaches and ready implementation and importantly impact will have an open door. (Snapshotz Online really is a winner here)

  • Customer Engagement (not to be confused with customer service) is the buzz word with a focus on how to manage all customer touch points across the business.

  • Quality approaches are being completely overhauled as these costs money and cost more if not employed right to meet the needs of the organisation and its customers.

  • For 60% of our customers, Information system strategic plans (ISSP) refreshes for contact centre technology is on the cards. There is an absolute need to add more functionality upgrade or get new technology across every aspect of the contact centre. Get in front of your CIO. NOW!
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