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Snapshotz Online interests the audit department of the P.R. of China where a delegation visited the Customer Services Audit limited offices read more ...

In January 2011, a delegation lead by the chief Auditor of the Anhui province Mr He Jiehua met with Deepak Selvaratnam at the Auckland offices of customer Services Audit.

The delegation were interested in the Snapshotz Online methodology and application and explored the possibility of customising Snapshotz Online to meet the conditions in china.

We are pleased that Snapshotz Online has come under scrutiny of many types of organisations worldwide. In fact there are now queries from various public, NGO's and industry associations from over 30 different countries.

Admittedly though this visit was not quite expected, but welcome. It is a sign of changing times commented Mr. Selvaratnam.

Mr. He, Deepak Selvaratnam with members of the visiting delegation from the Audit office of the P.R. of China