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Consejo Ciudadano de la Ciudad de México - The Citizens Council of Mexico City.

Patricia Trejo.

“We have finished the Snapshotz evaluation process; a very useful and focused tool to become aware of our areas of improvement. The fact that we can immediately register the TO DO List to create the concrete improvement program, is just great. It allowed us to be focused and saved a lot of time. Snapshotz is like a safety net, for unforeseen or unknown items from our part; with CSA consulting team we have increased our experience. We work on recommended actions and repeat the Snapshotz Online assessment, being able to implement an effective continuous improvement cycle with the objective to become a Certified Center according to the model”.

– Patricia Trejo-Contact Center Director, Consejo Ciudadano de la Ciudad de México.

Consejo Ciudadano de la Ciudad de México is a non-Governmental Organization that helps the community and citizens in crime prevention, legal and psychological assistance, while working with authorities of the capital of Mexico, a city of 9 million residents and 7 million people more interacting daily.

According to the President of the Council, Luis Wertman Zaslav: ‘The Citizen’s Council is a bridge between Citizens and Authorities, integrating technology and innovation to ease the way for people to submit complaints anytime (in a secure, confidential and civil way) Our main goal: to reduce the lack of confidence between people and their government ’.

The Citizens Council Call Center -‘The Citizen’s Line’- operates 24 hours-7 days a week, registering citizen’s complaints and answering multiple types of requests according to specific programs in public security and law enforcement, but also anything a citizen want to report. The Call Center is a vital component in the services delivered; it is the backbone for every action and program, so mastering operations is a permanent must. That is why it is fundamental to evaluate its performance according to a maturity model.

CSA Snapshotz was selected to execute this initiative.

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