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Snapshotz Online Centre and Assessor Certification

Developed over 20 years and launched as an online tool in 2009, Snapshotz Online is the world's only online tool offering a holistic and structured approach to contact centre assessment and benchmarking in real time.

Drawn from all significant, published customer service standards and current best practice, the Snapshotz online tool is dynamic and current as it incorporates current practice from the global base of customers to deliver benchmarking reports in real time.

This unmatched tool evaluates over 700+ areas within a customer service enterprise and offers in-depth insight and basic recommendations for boosting benefits immediately.

This gives our customers the power to evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of their customer service activities for themselves.

The structured approach that Snapshotz Online provides in data gathering and analysis, delivers a platform for consultants both internal and external to the centre, to carry out assessments with a consistency of application, never before available in our industry.

Given the depth of data accessible and its applicability to any organisation with a customer service environment, the natural progression would be to certify centres for best practice approaches. A natural step would also be to certify consultants to carry out these certifications employing the Snapshotz Online tool.

The approach for contact centre certification is based on comparison to global benchmarks and the scores achieved in each section of the Snapshotz Online Assessment.

A framework and process for certification for consultants has been developed where consultants will employ the Snapshotz Online tool in the certifying process as well as follow ethics and rules set out by the council.

Documentation of the certification methodology and consultant certification process is attached.

The advisory council comprises of experts and practitioners from around the globe.

The objectives of the global advisory group is to:

1. Bring global and regional perspectives and expertise to driving best practice in strategy, operations and management
2. Input into the Snapshotz Online certification tool and process
3. Input into the registration process and continuous professional development of certified assessors