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What is Snapshotz Online?

Snapshotz Online

Snapshotz Online is a web based Customer Service assessment and benchmarking tool covering a checklist of over 700 data points. Snapshotz Online draws from all globally published customer service standards and current best practice from its ever growing global base of customers to deliver knowledge of how to achieve best practice in real time.

The essence of Snapshotz Online is that it is comprehensive, easy to use, light on management time, designed to engage management and the customer and drive superior customer service performance.

‘Snapshotz the first tool in the armoury of any customer interaction centre’

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The Snapshotz Online Process & Features

The Snapshotz Online Process & Features

Ease of use, structure, consistency and engagement is the essence of what the Snapshotz tool delivers. Once the Snapshotz license is purchased a login with user name and password is received and the process of assessment can commence.

Snapshotz makes the preparation, planning and execution process easy. The simple easy to read reports are also designed to make the next steps intuitive and simple to follow.

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Can you use Snapshotz Online?

Can you use Snapshotz Online?

Customer Service centres inbound, outbound, outsourcers: to assess, benchmark and be certified. Snapshotz can be used by any organisation that has five or more staff interacting with customers using single or multiple channels.

Management and Industry consultants as a service delivery tool: Employ Snapshotz amongst your clients to drive structure and increase revenue with each engagement.

Industry bodies and associations: to research, benchmark and add value to members, engage and grow member revenues.

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Why Snapshotz

Snapshotz is a holistic tool not slanted towards any particular area

Achieve customer service excellence. Make fact based decisions. Increase the rate of change, drive innovation and engage your team. Snapshotz Online is rigorous, time efficient, easy to use, employs global standards and real time best practice approaches, together with task, single and multi-site performance tracking over time.

Better Experiences

Successful customer centres conduct regular assessment to align to deliver better customer experiences and align to organisational needs. Snapshotz applies global standards and draws from current best practice to enable organisations to assess the centre.

Easy to Use

Ease of use, structure, consistency and engagement is the essence of what the Snapshotz tool delivers. The assessment process engages the management team including ‘C’ level. Tracking ongoing performance regularly and comparison of multi sites creates management buy in


The Snapshotz process takes under 2 days and delivers instant, clear and concise actionable management reports with benchmarking and best practice. Powerful task and assignment management capabilities are included in the Snapshotz tool to support ongoing management and improvements.


‘you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it’ The 700+ data points uncover opportunities and risks previously unsurfaced. Delivering to customer, employee and other stakeholder expectations are easier when you completely understand the levers that are driving your centre.



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Welcome to Snapshotz Online the Customer Service self assessment and audit tool, the only tool you ever will need to evaluate your contact centre.

Take the pain, cost and wasted time out of centre assessment. Snapshotz is a comprehensive end to end checklist which serves as a multifaceted business tool.

Reduce your costs, identify risks, gain more control, and deliver value to your customers, staff and stakeholders. See customer comments and experience.

This is the first time such a tool is available to customer service / call / contact centre or help desk. The tool is a 'must have' for any centre whether it consists of 3 or 3,000 staff.

Snapshotz is a self evaluation checklist for customer service centers. The checklist contains over 550 variables covering 8 main functional areas and divided into 29 subsections. Snapshotz Workbook can be purchased online.

Snapshotz Online is the option of registering and completing your assessment online, with the added benefit of receiving immediate feedback with Snapshotz reports.

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