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Self auditing customer service
Written by TR Contributor   
Tuesday, 16 June 2009
Agile NZ has teamed with Customer Services Audit to provide a new customer service tool for contact centres.

The solution, called Snapshotz, provides a full review of all service areas – it covers eight main sections, 39 sub sections and over 550 variables. Regular reports are designed to assist in customer service managers with day-to-day management and strategic planning.

Agile sales manager Dave Mason (pictured on the left) says the tool will allow Agile’s customers to achieve a complete view of their customer service environment.

“By analyzing the results from the Snapshotz, customers can achieve greater competitive advantage and potential cost savings be it through process improvement, using information more effectively or integrating existing technologies.”

Snapshotz has been developed by Deepak Selvaratnum (pictured on the right) and Fung Wu, the directors Customer Services Audit, a company that was set up five years ago to provide management and technical support to contact centres.