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Kiwi company launches customer service tool Print
Written by Vera Alves   
Tuesday, 16 December 2008

customer_services_audit.jpgAuckland-based CustomerServicesAudit (CSA) has launched a self-audit tool for call centres, called Snapshotz.

“The introduction of the Snapshotz workbook and online tool is great timing,” commented Deepak Selvaratnam, Director of CustomerServicesAudit. “Centres are under pressure to perform - that’s difficult to do when you have management measures that give you only part of the story. With Snapshotz, managers can get the full picture of the customer service environment in a consistent manner. It makes it easier to plan and monitor improvements"

According to the CSA, Snapshotz enables managers to capture, assess and compare the complex and interactive facets of business processes, technology and people in the customer service environment. The tool was developed over five years and is based on real-world experience in customer services across different industries and countries. The methodology has been researched and tested across inbound and outbound call centres in both the private and public sectors.

Snapshotz is based on an online cloud computing/Software as a Service (SaaS) model, with a checklist of over 550 variables, covering eight main functional areas and divided into 29 subsections. The tool allows companies to get immediate feedback from Snapshotz reports.

Snapshotz is also available as an offline self-audit workbook. The Kiwi company expects Snapshotz to become an international industry standard for measuring contact centre performance.