Why Snapshotz
Snapshotz is designed to be self contained self assessment tool.
  • Snapshotz is a holistic tool not slanted towards any particular area within a customer service environment. (covers over 550 variables).

  • No such tool available in the market. Technology, health and safety and benchmarking available as standalone modules, but not in this form and as a dashboard.

  • The reports generated, when the modules of the Snapshotz online tool are completed, enable a detailed review of the centre and identify specific areas to address.

  • The tool has multiple applications - again an approach and tool not available anywhere in the world.

  • The assessment path is modular, easy to follow and is supported with notes to assist understanding – no need for any external input unless an independent assessment is required.

  • While comprehensive, Snapshotz is efficient to complete

  • Questions are designed to be as objective as possible

  • Areas for attention are prioritised using appropriate benchmarks

  • Questions are broken down to a level where follow-up (if required) is self evident

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