Snapshotz Online - The world’s first holistic self assessment and benchmarking tool for contact centres

Look into a mirror with multiple views to gain knowledge of the hidden and the obvious using the Snapshotz Online checklist.
Snapshotz Online is designed as an audit and benchmarking tool covering a checklist of over 700 data points and divided into 8 main and 29 subsections. A multifaceted time and cost saving tool available for the first time to the customer service industry.

Snapshotz Online is web based, easy to use, time efficient and has multiple applications such as audit, benchmarking, task management, team comparison, training and risk management.

Snapshotz Online is a revolutionary cost effective tool that will change approaches to contact centre management and should be in the stable of tools used by contact centre management.

View the section content covered by Snapshotz Online and trial sample questions

Make use of the safe and secure online tool to work through your assessment and receive individualised reports pointing to areas for focus at detail, subsection and functional levels. You can also make notes and assign tasks for tracking into the future through the task management report. A further report option is the comparison of progress from one assessment period to another. See a sample report. Another option is the comparison of different teams or geographical units across the organisation and over time.

All of these reports are included in the purchase price of Snapshotz Online.

The full assessment will take 3 - 7 hours to complete and preparatory time based on availability of information and resource. However for organisations that may be time or resource poor, it should be noted that sections 1-4 and 8.5-8.7 are likely to be the highest priority and will take less time to complete. Further support to complete the assessment can be purchased for support to be provided either online or on site through our certified partners.

Snapshotz online also gives you the flexibility to complete the assessment over a period of 8 weeks, once you register to start the online assessment.

Snapshotz can be used by managers of contact or call centres / service centres / business centres, team leaders, quality control, marketing and product managers, business process improvement managers, senior management, governing bodies, HR managers, management consultants, entrepreneurs, recruitment consultants and students.

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