Resellers / Service Delivery Partners / Communities
  We are on the look out for resellers and partners worldwide for the Snapshotz audit workbook, consulting services and client support.
Existing Suppliers / Consultants to the Customer Service Industry

If you are an already existing supplier to the customer service industry, here is an opportunity to add value and increase your revenue through the distribution of Snapshotz as well as provide support in the form of consulting services.
Contact us NOW as regional representation is quickly being filled.

Customer Service / Marketing Associations
  This is an ideal opportunity to add value to your member base by providing them with a tool designed to drive up professionalism and profits! Snapshotz also provides you with the opportunity to drive up revenue through your member base by offering a range of programmes. This can be conducted by the association themselves or through support available to you from us.
Communities of Centres. – Government / Local Government, Credit Unions, Technology Suppliers.
  Snapshotz provides a structured, independent and secure environment to share knowledge amongst the community or customer base.
The service can be specifically adapted to needs of the community. Snapshotz is ideally suited to serve communities.
Contact us to discuss how.
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