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Here are the comments from May

I thought the presenters were great, very informative and interesting. It was good to know other contact centres have the same challenges and issues. I think it's a great opportunity to network; I thoroughly enjoyed it and would come again.
          Lorna Cosgrove - Customer Service Manager
Social Media - information was great, realisation of future stance for your business and how important Social Media is for your business and what people are saying about your business. Paul's presentation too was great.  It's refreshing to know that we are not the only company have issues with unplanned leave.  Good to know we are on track with what we do in our roles. Enjoyed the presentations, environment friendly and informal and meeting other people from other companies
        Lydia Tairea-Dawson - Customer Service Manager
The presentations were up beat, informative and very REAL and will definitely come again as I want to keep networking and learning more from others. Thank you very much Deepak.  We appreciate you organising this and bringing us all together. Your warmth of welcome and knowledge and passion of Customer Services NZ is so valuable to us all.
        Leanne Bolton - Customer Service Manager
An opportunity to receive relevant information specifically geared towards our sector. Mike's social media presentation was interesting as we do not currently have a social media presence. Paul displayed an in-depth knowledge and it will be fantastic to be able to have him as a contact. I thought the programme was well organised, relevant and, having only attended one meeting so far, I am looking forward to more!
        Mike Thompson - Outbound Telesales Manager
It was great to get some practical advice to get us started on the social media journey. Also good to hear from an ops manager that had been through some of the same situations as I had been through recently - Yes - I would come back.
       James McEwen Manager - Business Services
I found the presentation very interesting and it was a great chance to reflect on our own company.  I personally found both speakers to be very professional and the content provided me with some information that may prove useful in my new role within our Contact Centre.  I could relate to the importance of using media to gain more insight into what people are really saying about Smith & Smith.  In fact, one of my friends had posted a picture of a Smith & Smith vehicle on Facebook a few weeks ago and made a comment along the lines of "Smith & Smith repair, Smith & Smith replace, Smith & Smith park in front of my driveway" so this really hit home for me. 
Also, I found the second part of the presentation to be equally as beneficial because it touched on the types of challenges that I will be faced with in my new role.  After the presentation we discussed our own BCP and I suspect we will be looking at this more closely going forward to see where we can make improvements in this area.  I enjoyed hearing about the challenges that you face in your location and I am glad I didn't encounter any glass-covered-fish during my visit.  It's good to be able to have a laugh about these things and it was nice, relaxed, friendly environment. 
Overall, the presentations were well delivered and well received and I think we all appreciate the opportunity to sit in on them.  I would be interested in attending future presentations and I look forward to potentially bringing more input as I progress in my role.

          Nick de Jonge - Reactivations Specialist