Industries covered by Best Practice

The Snapshotz relational database is constantly fed and refreshed by current and new customers and forms a virtual treasure mine of information.

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Here is a list of industries that benefit by the 700+ scientific measurement points from the Snapshotz Tool.

Agriculture, Forestry, Mining,
Manufacturing and Wholesale
Utilities (Electricity, Water & Gas, Infrastructure, Roads)
Construction (Real Estate, hardware and building material suppliers)
Retail & Etailers
Transport (Airline, Road, Rail, shipping operators and couriers, motor vehicle manufacturers and dealers, Vehicle rentals)
Hospitality (Hotel and Full service travel agents
Healthcare & community services
Communication services (VMO, BPO, Outsourcers, Help Desks, Telco’s, Software companies, Media (print, electronic)
Business Services (Consulting, Market Research)
Financial services (Banks, Investment Banks & other financial Services, Insurance)
Public Sector / Central Government
Local Government
Cultural and recreational services

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