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The New Zealand Contact Centre Certification and Benchmarking Programme 2013 - 2014

Today, it's not enough to be competitive in these fast-paced times. Knowledge is power and it's critical for you to have unbiased knowledge, data and information about trends and changes that affect your customer interactions.

When you do, you can better position your business ahead of pointless rumours, sales pressure and short-lived fads. You need the power that comes from knowing how you're doing in comparison to others, so you can save time, cut costs and boost overall results from your efforts.

Up until now, finding this type of information has not been easy.
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This is your invitation to participate in the New Zealand Contact Center Benchmarking and Certification programme.
For the last 10 years, Customer Services Audit has quietly been conducting scientific reviews of over 800 contact centres in 19 countries, using a proprietary on-line questionnaire. Because their subscribers regularly update their information this allows them to track changes over time.
The Customer Services Audit organisation blends the results into a cumulative pool of responses covering 700 scientific measurement points, divided over 8 main sections and 29 sub sections. From this process, they are able to uncover information that is typically hidden.

The relational database they now manage forms a virtual treasure mine of information to be explored. Each subscriber has ownership of their discrete responses. The results are presented in four reports which compare them with international and national averages, best-in-class and other metrics. Then, each organisation can request industry-specific benchmarks by location, by size, over time, etc.

Each year Contact Centres Audit opens a set number of places for new organisations to join this on-going study. This invitation will give you the opportunity to participate in the NZ CC benchmarking and certification programme (Contact Centre Certification - Why it is essential for the organisation).

Once you are part of this program you will no longer have to guess how your initiatives are doing compared to others. You won't have to imagine what changes are coming that you need to accommodate. You'll have new insights of where to spend your technology dollars more wisely, how to save money in unexpected places. And you will have confirmation of staff behaviours and results that give you confidence for the future.

Call us today on 09 376 2806 or reserve your place in this new study right now by clicking this link. There is a limit of 12 places for this intake. So do not delay.
Once again the 2013 programme is sponsored by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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Customer Services Audit Ltd, TeleConsultants House, 31 MacKelvie Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland, PO Box 147210 Auckland 1144, New Zealand.

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